Health Communicator,
Nutrition Edge Communications

Mary Lee Chin specializes in significant food issues and nutrition trends, working with commodity food groups, food industry and nonprofits on nutrition trends and education initiatives. She addresses some of the most provocative food topics of today, including genetically modified foods, environmental and sustainability issues and alternative sweeteners, exploring the science while respecting individual philosophies. She has presented to 40 plus state Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics affiliates on topics ranging from agricultural sustainability to the Future of Food. Aware that many divisive and emotional food issues ignite a firestorm of debate, she advocates moving from polarizing rhetoric to open, value-based and professional dialogue.

Mary Lee serves on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics “RD Farmer & Agriculture Committee of Experts” and advises on their “Future of Food” and “Healthy Food for a Healthy Planet” initiatives; and the Community Health & Nutrition Program at University of Northern Colorado. She serves as Chair of Monsanto’s Leaders Engaged in Advancing the Dialogue (LEAD) Network, a national group of registered dietitians who provide education on the relationship between food, nutrition and sustainable agriculture, and is a member of Monsanto’s Sustainable Food Systems Advisory Council.

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