Institute of Culinary Education
Born and raised in China, Lynn showed very strong interests in food and cooking when she was a little girl. Her parents both majored in science and expected her to be a hard-core scientist one day. Luckily, her grandparents were big foodies and also happened to be good cooks, so Lynn had been exposed to nicely prepared food before she came to the U.S. for her pursuit of a PhD in Food Science. During her school days in Rutgers University, Lynn conducted a tremendous amount of fundamental research on fats and oils in food, published several journal papers and gave scientific seminars in quite a few internationally recognized scientific conferences. Meanwhile, she also managed to become a self-taught baker on top of realizing her parents’ expectation on her academic achievement. Since Lynn had so much passion in food and innovations, she joined Mondelēz International (formerly Kraft) as a research scientist after her PhD, working on renowned Nabisco brands, such as Oreo, Ritz, Chips Ahoy and Triscuit, to improve the health and well-being benefits of these products for mass consumers. In 2018, Lynn followed the culinary voice in her heart and became a student of culinary arts at the Institute of Culinary Education.
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