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Senior Science Advisor,
The Glutamate Association

Session: What is Glutamate?

Lisa Watson is principal at Watson Green LLC, a Washington, DC-based communications and public affairs firm dedicated to the food, nutrition and agricultural arena. She is a veteran in this field, focusing on developing strategies and programs to increase public and professional understanding about nutrition and food safety. Lisa has aided corporate, nonprofit and trade association clients alike in building bridges between the world of science and that of public policy and communication. Until recently, Lisa was executive director of The Glutamate Association and now serves as senior science advisor to that organization.

Lisa holds a Master of Science degree in human nutrition and an undergraduate degree in microbiology, both from Clemson University and is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and an associate member of the American Society for Nutrition. She has published articles and spoken widely before national and international audiences on a variety of topics related to nutrition, biotechnology, risk communication and public/private partnerships.

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